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County of Santa Clara Sustainability Master Plan

Building a livable, equitable,

and resilient community.

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The County Sustainability Master Plan presents a vision and roadmap to build and maintain a healthy and safe County by reducing climate pollution, adapting to a changing global climate, enhancing natural resources and the environment, fostering a prosperous and just regional economy, and meeting the needs of current and future generations to ensure all people have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

Sustainability Vision

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Sustainability Plan
Priority Areas and Goals

The vision is achieved through promoting strategies and solutions across four Priority Areas that combined include 8 goals, 30 strategies, and 90 targets to monitor the implementation of the County’s sustainability vision.  


Reduces greenhouse gases

and builds resilience

to the threats of

climate change and

natural disasters.

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Protects, enhances, and restores natural resources and habitats and reduces the cumulative impacts

of environmental hazards.

Natural Resources and the

Protects and improves the health of the community

and the conditions in

places where people live, learn, work, and play.

Community Health and Wellbeing.png

Builds financial security

and prosperity for

all and  promotes


and collaboration.

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Data Dashboard

How is the County doing so far?

Explore the Priority Areas to see progress on strategies within each of

eight Priority Areas goals or the Data Dashboard for progress highlights.

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