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Sustainability Master Plan

The County of Santa Clara Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) is the culmination of a multi-year process to develop a forward looking and cohesive plan that helps the County achieve its sustainability vision and goals. The SMP presents a unified vision and action plan to integrate sustainability as a core function within County operations, coordinate and support cross-departmental sustainability efforts, inform connectivity and partnerships, empower collective action and transformation, and provide transparency on progress to build a livable, equitable and resilient County.


History as a Leader in Sustainability

The SMP builds on decades of work to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship locally, regionally, and nationally. The County has led and participated in a wide-array of forward-looking local and regional initiatives—while also advocating for sustainability in state and federal policies.

In addition to the County’s sustainability vision and history as a sustainability leader, the SMP directly builds on twelve Environmental Stewardship Goals (ESGs) the County’s Board of Supervisors had adopted in 2009 as part of the regional Bay Area Climate Change Compact.

Plan Development

The County’s Office of Sustainability created in 2010 lead the development the Sustainability Master Plan with an interdisciplinary team of staff from nearly 20 departments and agencies, organized into a Sustainability Working Group (SWG) and Directors Stewardship Team (DST). The Board of Supervisors adopted the Sustainability Master Plan on January 12, 2021.

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