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The Office of Sustainability, is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Sustainability Master Plan, including updating the Priority Area Actions and Dashboard on an annual basis, coordinating efforts to improve collaboration, and advancing sustainability across all County departments, operations, and partnership endeavors.  

Every March, the Office of Sustainability will publish an Annual Sustainability Report that will include a brief review of the past calendar year’s achievements and goal progress, and a work plan for the next calendar year. To view the Office of Sustainability’s Annual Reports, click here

Management System for Ongoing Implementation and Improvement


The Office will utilize a continuous improvement Management System of Plan, Do, Check, Act to coordinate implementation, and annually review and adjust the goals, strategies, and targets included in the Priority Area Actions, as well as to track and monitor progress via the Dashboard. 

Figure 4.png

Organizational Structure 

An internal organizational structure have been established to support internal coordination and communications. 

Directors Stewardship Team 

The Directors Stewardship Team (DST), led by the Director of the OOS and is comprised of the directors from each department who have a significant impact on County sustainability goal performance. This group is responsible for identifying key sustainability staff, ensuring adequate resources are available for sustainability, reviewing progress, and recommending adjustments to the Priority Area Actions as necessary. 

Sustainability Working Group 

The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) is led by the OOS and is comprised of Sustainability Coordinators and other staff from County departments. Over time, this group is intended to evolve into a sustainability community of practice, to help leverage departmental expertise, integrate sustainability into County departments and operations, coordinate the County’s sustainability activities, support program implementation, and gather data on progress towards County sustainability targets. 

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