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Priority Areas

The Priority Areas reflect the growing understanding that a whole system approach that addresses challenges from current and future hazards, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, are essential to meet the needs of current and future generations. We also consider and plan holistically to address inequities in housing affordability, food insecurity, income and health disparities, unequal opportunities for education and self-sufficiency, and lack of resources and access to robust social safety networks and preventative health services.


Within each Priority Area, a series of goals, strategies, targets, and programs have been included to achieve the vision for sustainability and compiled into Priority Area Actions.

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Be sure to read how the Priority Areas are organized.

How are Strategies and Targets Organized 

The County embodies a variety of leadership roles and influence, which are included in the Priority Area strategies and targets to advance sustainability.

  • County Operations and Facilities: Direct operational management and control of County facilities, vehicles, roads, lands, and the human resources that carry out County functions.

  • Unincorporated County Areas: Responsibility for adopting and enforcing ordinances and codes and providing services for the County’s unincorporated areas.

  • Countywide Areas: leadership and influence to help advance sustainability measures for the region and the cities within the County’s.


Reduces greenhouse gases

and builds resilience

to the threats of

climate change and

natural disasters.

Climate Protection and Defense.png

Protects, enhances, and restores natural resources and habitats and reduces the cumulative impacts

of environmental hazards.

Natural Resources and the

Protects and improves the health of the community

and the conditions in

places where people live, learn, work, and play.

Community Health and Wellbeing.png

Builds financial security

and prosperity for

all and  promotes


and collaboration.

SCC Sustainablity_Brandingv3-18.png
Forest Trees

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